Offer abandoned cart discounts

Flupio will send reminder emails to customers if they have abandoned their carts to ease them back into finishing the purchase. As a seller you can hook into this process by offering a discount to your customers to further sweeten the deal for them to come back. 

  • Navigate to Config > Marketing
  • Under Automatic vouchers click Setup Voucher in the Abandoned Trolley box
  • Select the discount amount you want to offer
  • Enter a name for your voucher
  • Click Create 

If you would like to see what a customer will see in their email and basket, take a look at this article here

I no longer want to offer a discount

If you have decided it's no longer beneficial to offer a discount after someone abandons their cart, you can deactivate the voucher on the marketing page.

  • Navigate to Config > Marketing
  • Under Automatic vouchers in the Abandoned Trolley box
  • Click Deactivate Voucher

Your voucher will no longer be active to your customers.