Convert Imported Variant Product to a Flupio Product

After you've imported your Etsy or Shopify products you'll notice that none of your variations are actually available in the Variations section or when viewing variations when editing your products. This is because variations in Etsy and Shopify do not share their variations unlike Flupio does and it means they're only one time use. 

Converting Variations

  1. Navigate to Variations 

In Flupio each variation is separate and can be interchanged on different products. For the first example we will convert an Etsy variation.

Lets say you have a name badge with 2 variants: Choose your item(s) and Choose your Fastener

  1. Create your new variation 
  2. Enter the name as Choose your item(s)
  3. Select which type of variation this is (text, colour or image)
  4. Use the plus to add more options (variants) to your variation.

Example of a variation during creation

Once done, create your variation and repeat for any more you have.

Example of our created variations for this

Now that you've created your variations these are now reusable on all your products in the system whenever you need them. You can update the variations anytime, existing products using these variations will not be affected either. 

Moving a product from an imported variation to the Flupio variations

  1. Navigate to the product listing page
  2. Click the product you want to edit
  3. Make a note of the variations the product is using
  4. Click Reset Product
  5. After resetting, click Variations down the left side of the product edit screen
  6. From here, select the variations you've just added in order 
  7. Then select Generate Product Samples
  8. Verify and edit the samples
  9. Finally click Generate

Example of the selected variations and generated samples.

You have now converted your product to Flupio variations.