Organise products into sections

If you've got a significant number of products, you can make it easier for customers to navigate your shop page by adding sections.

Each product can have one section which are searchable and filterable for quick access.

  1. Navigate to Sections
  2. Click New Section

Sections are pretty simple and only require a label to work, but you may add a description and custom colour to them if you want.

Field Required Description
Label Yes The name or label of your section that customers can filter by on your store page
Description No A description of your section
Colour No The colour is a way to make sections stand out from the others, it can also be used to colour coordinate to make navigation easier for your customers.

Note: Labels must not exceed 40 characters

Add a product to a section

After you've create your section, you will of course want to start adding products to it. The step is easier.

  1. Navigate to Products
  2. Find your product and click on it
  3. If it's a variant click Details otherwise go to step 4
  4. Under the Basic heading there is a field called Section
  5. Select the Section you want the product to be apart of
  6. Click Save Changes

If your product is currently ranking you will see your section now appear on your shop profile page along with the product inside it.

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