Run a sale

If you want to setup a sale for your store you can do so easily. 

What you can do:

  • Create a global sale on all your products
  • Create a sale based on a section
  • Create a sale based on products you've selected
  • Schedule a sale

How do I get started:

  • Navigate to Sales
  • Click Create Sale
Field Required Description
Name Yes The name of your sale, this is an internal name just for you our your staff
Percentage Off Yes How much of a discount you want to offer to customers must be between 1-100
Start Sale Yes The day you want the sale to start (setting the date to the current day will start it immediately upon creation), otherwise the sale will start on the chosen date at 00:00 UTC(+0)
End Sale Yes The day you want the sale to end (setting the date to the current day will end it at 23:59 UTC(+0)), the end date must not be before the start date
Select the sections you want to include in this sale Yes To select which products you want in your sale you must first select which sections you want to pull the products from, you can select one or all of them.
Products Selected Yes This section is populated from the selected sections and allows you to remove or re-add products you've removed from the sale


Once you've filled out all these details and removed or re-added products from your sale you can click create sale and Flupio will take care of the rest for.

Add or remove products after creating your sale

After you've created your sale if you've added new products to your store or want to remove products from your sale you can do so by going to the Sales page again and clicking Manage on the sale you want to edit, then Edit Sale.

From here you can change everything you was able to when creating, including adding new products, sections and removing them.

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