Add Products

Whether you have 1 product to add or 100, Flupio gives you a quick and easy way to add your products. You can add them 1 at a time which will take you to the edit screen to finish setting up the product or rapid entry (1 after the other) then you can edit them later.

Note: If a product is similar we recommend adding 1 initially, fully filling the details out then using the copy feature to save time.

How to find the add product form:

  1. Navigate to products
  2. Click the Add Product button


The product form is stripped back to make adding products as fast as possible so it only has a few fields:

Field Required Description
Name Yes The name of the product
SKU No The unique identifier of the product being sold (if applicable)
Price No The price of the product (if applicable or if known)


Once you have filled out the fields you can then choose from Create & Close or Create

  • Create will immediately create you the new product and reset the form so you can add another product
  • Create & Close will immediately take you back to the product listing page where you'll see your new product as the first one in the list. 

If you do have a product with the same SKU then you will receive a warning informing you that you cannot have duplicate SKU's and a product already exists.

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