Store Configuration

The central point for all the shops settings and core functions can be found within the Store Config. From editing branding, to policies.


Allows for the updating of basic business details such as;

  • Store Country & Language (These will default to UK & English)
  • Support Details 
    • Address
    • Contact Email
    • Contact Number
  • Legal 
    • Ability to set your VAT Status + VAT Number.
      This will be compulsory for UK law if your sales exceed the threshold. (You are responsible for ensuring your business is tax compliant)  


Review Settings allow you to encourage reviews from customers, you can offer them a discount coupon that is specific to your store. If they've purchased from you and they leave a review, You can set times the coupon is valid for an how many they can accumulate. 

Flupio automatically distributes these for you and can be completely turned off. 

We have found these can be a great tool to encourage repeat custom and encourage more people to engage and leave reviews on their purchases.

Shipping / Delivery 

This area allows for the creation and control of your shipping options that are available store wide or for specific listings. See our Shipping and Delivery help documentation on how to build create and manage shipping profiles. 


Those all important financials are located here within the payments config, overviewing your transactions, balances and pay-outs.  From here you can connect and update your payment details and obtain all the financial data related to your account. 
See our detail financial help documents to understand further. 



All the tools available to create physical locations, enabling these and setting opening times / collection windows and volumes of collections is all possible in Flupio. Ensuring you allow for seamless customer service and collections from your stores for local customers. 



All the tools to ensure you can brand and tailor your store to your brand, showcase banners, logo & your colours. Creating your brand and your space to sell is crucial to making your business stand out from the crowd.


Social Media

Adding your social media & website links to showcase on your shop store allows customers to visit your socials and see you promoting your products. We encourage social media activity and support where possible when we share content to help promote Flupio Marketplace we recognise & promote your business & brand.


Third Party 

This is where you can link to third party apps where applicable. Here at Flupio we are proud to develop hundreds of features and tools in one singular platform however we occasionally connect to additional parties such as Facebook, Google, Pinterest and more to ensure our marketplace can grow and we can bring the customers to your store.



Simple tools to ensure your business is compliant we allow for the creation of returns & exchange policies, along with cancellations and privacy policy, you should always ensure your policies are accurate and legal and it is your responsibility to ensure they are active and accurate for your business.